About us

Owner/Founder Mark Weisbarth is a Realtor from Half Moon Bay California with a colorful past. As a teenager in the late 90’s, he started making hip hop music, writing songs about his love for the coast. This kickstarted a Coastside Hip Hop movement that shed light on a underrated scene of local talent. In the early 2000’s he started his own record label to help local hip hop artists promote their music. That’s when he made his first t-shirt line under the name of his label, Knew West.

He always dreamt of starting his own clothing line one day. He was one step closer to realizing his dream when he helped create a non-profit called Project Knew Groove, to provide local youth and adults with lessons in the arts. This experience inspired him and offered another opportunity to create a line of shirts. This time as a fund raising effort. The support was amazing and furthered his passion towards starting a brand in the future.


In 2012, he helped form a Co-Op of local artists, musicians and dancers to save a creative space left behind by a close friend who passed away. This was one of the most rewarding times of his life. He was helping fulfill the dream of a fallen friend, while simultaneously helping a local art and music scene collaborate, grow and thrive. Once again he released a line of shirts and hoodies for all the people who supported the cause! The response was overwhelming and he realized that he was finally ready to make his dream a reality. 


During the next five years he got his Real Estate license, became a father and started working with one of the most respected artists from his area, Michael Boyle to bring his vision to life. Highway One Love encapsulates his love of the coast and the aloha spirit he carries with him as a Hawaiian, Salvadorean, German from the Bay Area Coastside. ☝️💚